A C++ implementation of Private Information Retrieval (PIR) protocols
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PercyServer::SubMatrix< GF2E_Element > Class Template Reference
Inheritance diagram for PercyServer::SubMatrix< GF2E_Element >:
PercyServer::Col< GF2E_Element > PercyServer::Row< GF2E_Element > PercyServer::Elem< GF2E_Element > PercyServer::Elem< GF2E_Element >

Public Member Functions

 SubMatrix (Matrix< GF2E_Element > matrix, dbsize_t row, dbsize_t col, dbsize_t num_rows, dbsize_t num_cols)
GF2E_Element * get (dbsize_t row, dbsize_t col) const
GF2E_Element * first () const
void add (const Matrix< GF2E_Element > &m)
void add_mult_of (const Col< const GF2E_Element > &col_a, const Row< const GF2E_Element > &row_b)
void add_mult_of (const Col< const GF28_Element > &col_a, const Row< const GF28_Element > &row_b)
void add_mult_of (const Col< const GF216_Element > &col_a, const Row< const GF216_Element > &row_b)

Public Attributes

Matrix< GF2E_Element > matrix
dbsize_t row
dbsize_t col
dbsize_t num_rows
dbsize_t num_cols

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