A C++ implementation of Private Information Retrieval (PIR) protocols
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PercyServerStats Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for PercyServerStats:

Public Member Functions

 PercyServerStats (const PercyServerParams *params, const char *appendix=NULL)
 PercyServerStats (const PercyServerParams *params, std::ostream &os, const char *appendix=NULL)
virtual void print_header ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from PercyStats
 PercyStats (const char *appendix=NULL)
 PercyStats (std::ostream &os, const char *appendix=NULL)
void clear_batches ()
nqueries_t start_query_batch (nqueries_t batch_size, nqueries_t blocks_per_query=1)
bool encode_start (nqueries_t batch_number)
bool encode_done (nqueries_t batch_number)
bool client_to_server_start (nqueries_t batch_number)
bool client_to_server_done (nqueries_t batch_number, dbsize_t bytes_sent)
bool server_to_client_start (nqueries_t batch_number)
bool server_to_client_done (nqueries_t batch_number, dbsize_t bytes_sent)
bool decode_start (nqueries_t batch_number)
bool decode_done (nqueries_t batch_number, nqueries_t num_unsuccessful=0)
bool strassen_level_reached (nqueries_t batch_number, nqueries_t strassen_level_reached=0)
bool finish_query_batch (nqueries_t batch_number, bool print_head=false)
bool time_communication_separately () const

Protected Member Functions

virtual bool print (nqueries_t batch_number, bool print_head=false)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from PercyStats
bool print_and_delete (nqueries_t batch_number, bool print_head=false)
void print_all (bool print_head=false)

Protected Attributes

const PercyServerParamsparams
- Protected Attributes inherited from PercyStats
nqueries_t next_batch_number
std::map< nqueries_t,
std::ostream & os
const char * appendix
bool time_communication

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